During your study group, discuss the following questions with your fellow participants. After you have completed your study group discussion, email any lingering questions you have to the presenter.

  1. At the beginning of the chapter on the phonology of AAE, Green (2002) states that “Words in AAE and general American English that have the same meanings may have different pronunciations due to constraints on sounds” (p. 106). Can you provide some examples of this phenomenon?
  2. Green (2002) states that “analyses of final consonant groups or clusters in AAE have been used as evidence that the language variety is systematic and governed by rules” (p. 107). Can you explain what Green means by this? What are some words that support Green’s claim?
  3. How do many speakers of African-American English pronounce the plural form of words like post, mask, and crust? What does this tell you about final consonant clusters in AAE?
  4. Based on what you have learned, are there greater differences in the vowel sounds or the consonant sounds of AAE and “Standard” English? Provide examples to support your view.
  5. Compare how speakers of African-American English pronounce pairs of words like pass and past. Are they true homophones for all speakers? Why or why not?

Estimated time for this activity: 1 hour