For the Module 4 Independent Research Project, select a single topic, idea, or concept from the Module 4 reading or discussion that especially interests you. These topics might include:

  • A word that exists in both AAE and SE but has a different meaning in each variety (some examples are kitchen, dog, and mannish)
  • A word that exists in AAE but not SE (examples include saddity and woadie)
  • Ways of adding new words to the lexicon in AAE
  • Verbal markers in AAE (such as finna, steady and tryna)
  • Differences in past tense verb forms in AAE and SE
  • Slang in AAE

You may work individually or with a partner from any campus location. Once you (or you and your partner) have selected your topic, conduct some internet research to learn more about it. Then prepare a one-page summary of your findings to present to your fellow participants during your study group session. Your summary may be presented in narrative format, as a poster, or in a graphic organizer such as a RAFT.

After you have presented your findings, submit your work to the presenter for feedback. Be sure to include any questions you may have about your topic for the presenter.

Estimated time for this activity: 1 hour