During your study group, discuss the following questions with your fellow participants. After you have completed your study group discussion, email any lingering questions you have to the presenter.

  1. In chapter 1, Green (2002) explores the claim that the lexicon of AAE includes words that are unique to it. What are some examples that can you provide to support this claim?
  2. What cultural factors does Green cite to account for the fact that AAE has a significant number of distinct terms to refer to money (such as skrilla, change, and duckets) and material possessions (such as ice and bling)? Do you agree or disagree with Green’s explanation for this lexical phenomenon? Be sure to provide examples in support of your position.
  3. On page 31, Green (2002) states that “the general picture of the African American lexicon that has been developed here is one that is broadly sectioned into three components.” What are those three components? What examples can you provide of each component?
  4. What are some examples of productive word formation strategies that exist in AAE but not in Standard English? How might these word formation processes cause confusion or misunderstandings for students when interacting with speakers of AAE?

Estimated time for this activity: 1 hour